We would love to introduce you to our small herd of wonderful alpacas. Our farm is growing slowly as we add more alpacas to our farm and our current herd grows with new crias born. We are constantly learning each and every day of this magnificent animal.


We are sold on our llamas as protectors of the alpacas here at Golden Eagle Farm. At the first, we were leaning to a Great Pyrenees dog, but after a visit to Trent Bishop at Box Elder Farm, here in Suffolk, we began thinking maybe a llama was the way to go. After more computer research and talking to more folks we decided that we would try a llama. We bought Chocolate Chip, a gelded male, from the Sher's, at their Lazy S Llama Ranch up in northern Virginia. And we have no reason to change our minds now after watching him in action. He can spot a canine about ½ a mile away and as it gets closer he begins that scream, ears back and ready to go to war. The alpacas line up behind him and seem to know he is going to protect them. So far with good fences we have not had a serious challenge, but I think we are ready.

In 2010 after we moved the alpacas to separate areas of the farm, we purchased 2 female llamas to be with the female alpacas. Mtn. Laurel is an alert guard llama and has that look and scream, but we aren't sure about her companion, Mona Lisa. I believe we will end up using Lisa as a pack animal.